Raspberry Rush

On dealing with anxiety:

-Eat a lot of sweets.
-Eat a lot of food in general.
-Netflix binge on tv shows.
-Watch puppy videos on YouTube.
-Dancing alone in my room to Robyn and other Swedish electronica or any electronica. I just prefer Swedish. They got good bands.
-Squeeze the fats on my chubby dog.
-Read a book that I’m currently reading and shit talk the character to myself.
-Overthink things and believe I’m the scum of the earth.


Bill Murray Crashes Bachelor Party, Gives Awesome Speech 

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truly, my spirit animal

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A beautiful bookshop in Brazil

The people of Brazil have something else to cheer about in addition the recent World Cup festivities. Check out the Livraria Cultura bookshop in São Paulo designed by Studio MK-27.

The goal was to create a bookshop that doubled as a meeting place and as these images attest they seem to have done a fine job. The open well-light floor plan allows for a comfortable shopping experience as well as encouraging customers to hang around and enjoy the space.

All photos by Fernando Guerra I FG+SG

More images and background at ArchDaily: Cultura Bookstore / Studio MK27

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